Massive Changes As WPMU DEV Supporter Plugin Becomes Pro Sites

Massive Changes As WPMU DEV Supporter Plugin Becomes Pro Sites

The WPMU DEV Supporter plugin has long been one of our most popular plugins. It lets you easily monetize your Multisite network so that you can create your very own Freemium network like Edublogs or

Since Pro Sites was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out Pro Sites

We’re really excited to announce a major update to Supporter, and are relaunching it as the WPMU DEV Pro Sites Plugin. With Pro Sites you can set up your network and charge for Premium services like:

  • Ad-free blogs
  • Bulk upgrades
  • BuddyPress Features
  • Limit publishing to paid members
  • Pay to blog
  • Set Post &/or Page quotas
  • Premium Plugins
  • Premium Themes
  • Premium Support
  • Set upload quotas
  • Restrict XML-RPC and Atom Publishing
  • Set unfiltered HTML permissions

Pro Sites also integrates with a number of our other great plugins, so you can extend your Premium services even further:

What’s New in Pro Sites?

We’ve introduced a whole raft of new features in Pro Sites that offer amazing flexibility to your Freemium network:


use levels to offer different membership types

You can now introduce different levels into your pricing structure. This means that you can have as many different pricing levels as you want. Maybe you want to set it up as follows:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Elite

This gives you even more flexibility when creating your network.


use coupons for special offers

Want to offer coupon codes? Now you can! Just create a coupon code and new users can insert it upon sign up.

More Branding Options

Loads more settings

We have expanded the branding options so that you can call your Pro sites whatever you want and change you admin menu labels.

Paypal Pro & Paypal Express

some of the paypal settings

We’ve ditched Amazon and are now using PayPal Pro and Paypal Express. This means that you can now accept credit card payments from your site. It also allows modifications, payment plan changes and cancellations by the user.

Your admin options are now more powerful than ever. You can process refunds, cancellations and partial refunds, while keeping track of everything in an audit log.

And That’s Not All!

We’ve also added:

  • A permanent Pro Site switch
  • Premium plugins/themes get removed on downgrade and cancellation
  • Better customization
  • Front end checkout
  • Every module tweaked and improved
  • Better stats
  • Email notifications

Pro sites makes it incredibly easy for you to make money from WordPress Multisite. WPMU DEV members can grab it now, non-members can get their hands on a copy for only $39 (including 1 month of upgrades and support).