MassivePress Paves the Way for WordPress Entrepreneurs with Commercial Interests

MassivePress Paves the Way for WordPress Entrepreneurs with Commercial Interests

This week the MassivePress team decided to make their efforts public at WordCamp Phoenix and let everyone know what they’re up to. Here’s the scoop:

What is MassivePress?

MassivePress is a group of entrepreneurs in the WordPress community who are working together on shared goals. It is comprised of six successful leaders in the WordPress community – Cory Miller, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Grant Griffiths, Michael Torbert, Jason Schuller, and Carl Hancock.

MassivePress aims to:

“enhance your online experience, education and support and exposure for the commercial WordPress community by providing you with a network to collaborate with, learn from, share ideas and make connections.

MassivePress will organize a new WordPress event called WordCon

The MassivePress team has announced a new kind of WordPress conference that will cater to entrepreneurs and businesses who are using the WordPress platform to meet their goals.

WordCon has a commercial focus and is friendly to business and commercial interests in the WordPress community and intends to reach out and help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and learning environment, for those who wish to build a commercial venture around open source development…

WordCon is exactly what WordPress needs and I’m excited to see leaders in the community taking the initiative to bring this event to life. An anti-capitalist trend has emerged within the WordPress community during the past several years wherein commercial WordPress developers are treated like second class citizens. While commercial WordPress themes are prominently displayed on, you will find no such benefit for commercial plugins. I believe this WordCon event is the first step in a changing of the tide wherein those with commercial interests related to WordPress will begin to receive the recognition they deserve for high quality products.

Because WordCon isn’t an official WordPress event, there will be a lot more freedom in how it’s organized and who can be involved. Official WordCamps have been increasing the number of restrictions and guidelines that they impose in order to crack down on events that offer any form of publicity for those who are not in full compliance with the philosophies behind WordPress.

Hats off to MassivePress for organizing an unofficial conference to give back to the WordPress community and pave the way for WordPress entrepreneurs to achieve greater commercial success.