Maximize Sales with 4 New Shortcodes for MarketPress Product Display

Users of the MarketPress e-commerce plugin will be excited to know that the plugin now has four new shortcodes for displaying product information within your posts and pages. These new shortcodes bring a greater level of flexibility to your MarketPress-powered store.

  • [mp_product] – Displays a single product anywhere!
  • [mp_product_image] – Displays the featured image of a given product.
  • [mp_buy_button] – Displays the buy or add to cart button.
  • [mp_product_price] – Displays the buy or add to cart button.

Placing products throughout your site is now much easier. There are no messy queries or confusing templates to deal with – just use the shortcodes!

For example, let’s say you want to show just one product on page or blog post to sell it within the context of your content. You would use the [mp_product] shortcode, which accecpts several optional attributes:

  • “product_id” – The ID of the product to display.
  • “title” – Whether to display the product title.
  • “content” – Whether and what type of content to display. Options are false/0, “full”, or “excerpt”. Default “full”
  • “image” – Whether and what context of image size to display. Options are false/0,
  • “single”, or “list”. Default “single”
  • “meta” – Whether to display the product meta (price, buy button).

Here’s an example usage:
[mp_product product_id=”1″ title=”1″ content=”excerpt” image=”single” meta=”1″]

That example would give you something like this when used within a post:

The shortcodes for MarketPress are all detailed in the Products > Store Settings > Shortcodes tab. You can always refer to the settings tab if you need help remembering the optional attributes.

The latest MarketPress 2.5.4 release also includes a good number of bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added support for custom CSS files in /wp-content/marketpress-styles/ folder to avoid overwriting on updates
  • Improved rate handling for USPS module on foreign orders
  • Improved Genesis compatibility with featured images settings
  • Smoother handling of message display when there are no products in the product list or shortcode

Download the latest version of MarketPress today to get all the new shortcodes and improvements.