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Ever wondered how Edublogs, and WPMU DEV got off the ground?

Where we’re going next, and why we’re looking at those approaches from a business perspective?

Well, in that case you’re going to enjoy an 80 minute video I did with, I reckon, one of the best interviewers I’ve ever come across (Andrew Warner) on Mixergy the other day:

There’s a bunch about our history, who we are, why we’re doing it and my plans to make 3D models of people that come to Melbourne.

Also, how I’m an absolutely terrible employee… so I’m hoping that this marks the ‘no turning back’ point as I very much doubt I’d pick up much work after revelations like this ;)

Any questions / comments / feedback lemme know, I’ll be happy to elaborate as much as I can :)

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  • The Incredible Code Injector

    I saw how long video was and thought – “Well, I like James so I’ll watch at least a few minutes”

    I watched the whole damn thing.

    Great video. I learned a lot from someone who I truly admire. A guy (James), who helped make my tiny dream of owning a business become a reality.

    I’ve been recommending WPMUDEV since the day I found it, and I suspect that will never stop. There’s a lot of reasons for that – James is one of them.

    Great job James. Oh, and congratulations Mason on the side gig! If they ever need a set of Eagle Eyes…… lmao ;)

  • Hey James… Fantastic interview!

    First of all, I expected an Aussie accent… Then as I listened I realised that although you haven’t got the Brummie twang I have, you’re a fellow Brummie (us Brummies have a special kind of non-accent that I get when I work in London or abroad for a couple of days). Like you I don’t live in Birmingham anymore either… Although I’ve only gone a couple of counties east, not half way around the world!

    This interview has been a real inspiration! I fully understand the going into a new workplace with ideas thing – and stepping on peoples toes because you’re driven to make improvements!

    I also – as a fully paid up member of WPMUdev for a fair time understand your aversion to “buy for a month and run” customers, but why they’re also good for you. Ultimately you offer a fantastic product and fantastic support – but you keep offering amazing improvements… You’ve learnt some good stuff from other companies and organisations around you (even Apple-esque – and that is meant as a complement!

    Congrats and keep going…! I look forward to WPMUdev and IncSub continuing to grow and continuing to help me on my WP way!

  • One of the most beneficial interviews from Mixergy. Not in technical knowledge gain, but just no bs take on business strategy.

  • Haha yeah I thought maybe 10 minutes of watching but yeah I watched the whole thing and its very insightful and inspiring.
    Thanks :)

  • Recruit

    James, this is an awesome interview! I’ve been a WPMU Dev customer for several years. It has been one of the best investments I’ve put into my business. The $79/month is a drop in the bucket considering the value in support (which can literally pay for itself in opportunity cost dealing with an issue), power of API’s that you have running into my multisite, plugin updates, education and just the peace-of-mind knowing that you guys are here to help.

    Another thing that I need to start doing, but know is a value to the community, is to ask for suggestions for a current project. We are all WordPress people here and most of us that have been serious with it have most likely experience the same things. Getting suggestions from others is much different than the majority of the outside community.

    Keep up the great work here at WPMU James!

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