Meet our latest theme, Business Blog

This theme may look familiar to our readers… yes that’s right we’ve wrapped up this site’s theme into a theme for all of you!  Not only that but we’ve also made it a BuddyPress theme also – now you can build you own community and blog just like we do!  Welcome to Business Blog.

Business Blog

Business Blog truly is the perfect blogging theme built for the perfect blogging platform – WordPress.  No matter what type of blog you want, Business Blog suits it perfectly.  It doesn’t stop there though, with built in BuddyPress styling it can also help build a community around your blog all with the same theme.  It also has some great features designed to feature your content.

Business Blog

More than just a boring blog that’s Business Blog:

  • Set various titles: RSS, news
  • Set front category
  • Adverts – set an image, link and title for adverts on your site
  • Useful links – set the title, description and link
  • RSS feeds – automatically place 5 RSS feeds and show their latest posts just enter the feed
  • Add text to your BuddyPress panel
  • CSS3 non image gradient navigation – reverts to just blocked on non supporting browsers

Business Blog is built for WordPress 3.0:

  • Blog / news template
  • Threaded comments styling
  • Post thumbnails
  • WordPress 3.0 menus
  • Works for WordPress, Multisite and with or without BuddyPress

Business Blog allows you to create your own style easily:

  • Custom logo – set image, square logo and text or just text
  • Create your own colours – use a simple colour picker or select a font from the drop down to change links, headers and other global features.
  • Parent and child theme
  • Works for WordPress, Multisite and with or without BuddyPress

Want to see more?

Here’s a screenshot showing the BuddyPress activity stream and the blog archive styling:

Business Blog

We’re releasing Business Blog as part of our multiple theme release this week – yes that’s right we’ve already released 2 and this brings us up to 3.  Check out this site tomorrow for our final release for this week.