WPMU DEV Membership 2.0 is Here!

WPMU DEV Membership 2.0 is Here!

That’s right, the big update to our fabulous Membership plugin has finally arrived and we’re all very excited about it. This a major update with some fantastic new features. I’ll get straight to it.

Since Membership 2 was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out Membership 2

Membership’s Gorgeous New Settings

Integration with WordPress Roles

This is a pretty sweet new feature. You can now create new members for your site and instantly assign them to a WordPress role.

level role settingsCommunicate Easily

You can now send automatic communications to your members. So when their subscription is about to expire you can email them to persuade/beg/threaten them to stay. Like so:

Membership communication email

No Access Page

Got some sneaky members trying to visit URLs they shouldn’t? Redirect them to your No Access page.

No Access page prohibiting access and suggesting sign up

Account Page Settings

Insert a shortcode into a page and let your members edit their account details right in your website:

Members' account page


Improvements to the Payment Gateways

We’ve now added a single payment PayPal gateway, as well as adding upgrade and cancel capabilities to Paypal gateways. The single payment system now means that a developer can now add any payment system as you no longer have to rely on a subscription service.

Paypal single payment gateway


URL Groups

Ultimate Flexibility! You can now include/exclude users from URLs, or even parts of URLS! The possibilities are endless.

Ping System

The new ping system is great for developers who want to send data about their members. Easily add and remove users from external services such as forums and mailing lists.

Upgrade and Renewal Functionality

Let members easily renew and ungrade their subscriptions.

Quick Start Guide

Feeling indimidated by WPMU DEV’s Behemoth of a plugin? The new quick start guide will help to ease you through.

And that’s not all

  • Persistent configuration utility
  • More hooks and filters for customization
  • Define checks to override signup/subscription/renewal/account pages
  • Override standard WordPress register and account pages to redirect to Membership ones

All that is soooooo nice!

To celebrate this update I’m going to put together a few tutorials that’ll show you some of the great things that you can do with this huge plugin.

It’s available now for WPMU DEV members, or at the princely sum of $39 for unlimited use of the plugin and one month of upgrades and support.