Monitor Your Site in Stealth Mode Like a BuddyPress Ninja

Monitor Your Site in Stealth Mode Like a BuddyPress Ninja

Our readers often let us know that they just can’t get enough of BuddyPress, so today we’re going to take a look at a plugin you may not have heard about, as well as find out what some of the real BuddyPress ninjas are up to in the coming months.

BuddyPress Ninja Plugin

This is so far a little-known plugin, has only been downloaded only 44 times the last time I checked, but it’s quite handy for managing a BuddyPress site. After you install the plugin, you will have an extra menu item added to the BuddyPress menu bar called “Stealth Mode,” which is only for site admins. See the screenshot below:

When stealth mode is enabled the others users will not be able to see the “time ago” recently active information for the admin user. More admin tools may be added to this plugin in the future to make it a swiss-army knife suite of tools for BuddyPress admins. I’d like to see something like “invisible posting” added to the set of tools as well as the ability to remove all admin posts from the activity stream if desired.

This plugin was written by Francesco Laffi, author of the BuddyPress Album+ plugin, which has been downloaded over 5600 times. We try to stay up to date with Francesco Laffi, who is himself a BuddyPress ninja. His BuddyPress project was recently selected for the Google Summer of Code 2010. He’ll be mentored by Boone Gorges, another ninja whose work you should keep up with, and lead developer Andy Peatling. Francesco will be extending his BP-Album plugin to a complete media component as well as creating a moderation plugin. This is great news for the BuddyPress community and congrats to Francesco! We’ll be eagerly awaiting the next update on this project.