Multi-DB Plugin Updated For Improved WordPress Multisite Scaling

Our Multi-DB plugin allows for massive scaling of your WordPress Multisite network to hundreds, even thousands of sites. It allows you to split your single database into 16, 256 or 4096 database – and if you are using cPanel, even incorporates a script that will do that for you.

We’ve recently taken it up a couple notches with improvements that will help to keep everything running smoothly.

What to expect from Multi-DB 3.0.3

  • Friendlier error reporting
  • More failover ready for sites with multiple servers / replication
  • Fixed a few small bugs people have come across

If you’re using Multi-DB you’ll want to update your copy to take advantage of the improvements. If you’re not using this plugin and you need a professionally supported solution for scaling your multisite network into the thousands, you won’t find a better option than this one.