Multiple Instances of BuddyPress Coming Soon to WordPress Multisite

Multiple Instances of BuddyPress Coming Soon to WordPress Multisite

Many people have been asking about the possibility of running multiple instances of BuddyPress with WordPress Multisite as the backbone. Good news: this may become a reality very soon.

BuddyPress developer Boone Gorges has been doing extensive work with the way that user metadata is stored and accessed throughout BuddyPress. Usermeta storage is an issue which previously stood in the way of running multiple BuddyPress instances on one site. All of this is about to change in BuddyPress 1.3.

These exciting new developments will pave the way for the possibility of multi-BP in the near future. I asked Boone if multiple instances of BuddyPress will be available in the future with a plugin or will it be something that can be enabled via wp-config file or similar. His reply:

At the moment, there are no plans (or patches) to make this a core feature of BP. But it’s getting close to the point where a plugin would pretty easily be able to make it happen.

A plugin may in fact be in the works, based on a trac ticket created a few months ago. A multi-BP plugin would essentially allow you to host an unlimited number of social networks on one WordPress installation. This would open up a whole new opportunity for any WordPress-based website to become an online platform for people who want to create their own social networks.

If you’re a BuddyPress plugin author, make sure to read the development team’s update about how BuddyPress will handle user metadata in the future. Stay up to date with the latest BuddyPress developments by subscribing to the development blog.