Musings on the birth of BuddyPress

Musings on the birth of BuddyPress

Update December 29, 2015: This post is part of the WPMU DEV Blog archive and contains information that is out-of-date, but we’re keeping it on the blog for posterity. For all the latest WordPress news and resources, check out our latest posts.

It seems so long ago
Way back in yonder days
BuddyPress was conceived
To multiple happy raves

The interface, still blue
The user experience, clunky
But lo the potential was there
And the final result so chunky.

Indeed it’ll run on your single
Or multiple user MU,
Sure it might stuff up your rego
But let us give it its due;

There’s the all conquering wire
And even activity streams
Perhaps it could do for Twitter
What Prologue has done for themes.

You’ll be into a group within no time
Pimping your profile hard,
But don’t you o’run the messaging
Or you’ll come over a bit of a ‘tard.

So lets hear it loud for the BP!
Let’s socialize all our sites,
Let communitization run wild
And pummel yon facebook to shite.

Let’s shimmy up all the flagpoles
And slaughter a dozen hens
And look forward to photos and status
Some time in the two thousand and tens.