Ned Dwyer On His New ThemePivot Service: Save Time and Money While You Customize Your WordPress Site

Today we get to talk to Ned Dwyer, the mind behind ThemePivot, a super exciting theme customization service that gives your WordPress site the power of multiple developers working together. It’s a new kind of marketplace which makes it easy for people to make minor changes, or tweaks, to their website.

1. What inspired you to create ThemePivot?

It was inspired by a couple of things actually.

I run a digital agency and we have built a few WordPress sites for clients. Sometimes after a project has been finished clients come back wanting small things changed. Often the changes are fairly trivial but the admin cost in doing it is really high – like finding their server details, getting into the codebase and then invoicing them some tiny amount of money. It’s almost not worth the job – and ideally I could pass that onto someone who was setup to process a lot of these kinds of jobs quickly and effectively.

I’ve also used a few premium WordPress themes in the past. The thing that has bugged me about this is trying to find a theme that suits my needs – you end up spending a lot of timing going through thousands of themes to find the one that is just right. With ThemePivot I can choose one which is almost right and then get it customised cheaply and easily.

2. Will ThemePivot focus only on theme customization or will you be open to requests for plugin customization as well?

ThemePivot can customise pretty much everything about your WordPress site from the theme itself, custom plugins through to changes to your database. The only thing we’re not looking to do is creating complete themes from scratch like .psd to HTML conversions – we’ll leave that kind of work to the thousands of sites already doing that work.

3. How does the “Create Pivot” function work?

When you create a pivot you give us a brief of the things you want to tweak on your website. This goes to our marketplace of professional WordPress developers.

Developers then break your job down into a series of tasks with each task being $50. This creates a fixed point for you to be able to compare different developers – so you can get an understanding of how well they understand your project.

Once you’ve agreed on a set of tasks to be completed the developer gets to work on your site.

4. Is there an option to make pivots private for members of the site only?

This is in our development roadmap but it’s not a priority at the minute. However if you’re interested in posting a project to ThemePivot but need it to be private send me an email and I’ll make it happen for you.

To learn more, visit and sign up to be notified when it launches.