Never Buy Hosting Again: NodeKi Offers Lifetime WordPress Hosting Plans

What if you could pay for hosting once and never have to worry about it again for the rest of your life? No monthly or yearly bills, no contracts to renew, nothing to worry about except building your websites.

Sound interesting?

Introducing NodeKi: A New WordPress Hosting Company

NodeKi is a new WordPress hosting company that offers a unique pricing structure, which includes Lifetime Hosting plans. They started providing WordPress hosting solutions to both public and private businesses last year. So far in 2012 NodeKi has been undergoing a massive overhaul and adding new servers, resources and staff in preparation for launching their new products. They’re a team of four employees currently located in eastern Tennessee and northern Georgia.

Lifetime Hosting:

Since the company started they have focused on their Lifetime hosting packages. Pricing for the Lifetime WordPress Hosting packages starts at just $39.00 USD. NodeKi will continue to offer Lifetime hosting plans when they relaunch and will also introduce their brand new line of secure, optimized WordPress VPS’s with their custom LNVMP Stack & CPanel/WHM.

Lock in Early Bird Pricing Now…

NodeKi will be relaunching on April 1st. Their current pricing will increase $10 per plan and the limited time pricing will not be available anymore. You have just a few days left to purchase your lifetime hosting plan to lock in your early bird discount.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback for the NodeKi team, they’re available to assist you. Feel free to drop them an email at [email protected].