New BuddyPress Tweet Button Plugin – Download Here

New BuddyPress Tweet Button Plugin – Download Here

As you may have heard, Twitter has come out with its official Tweet button that can be added to websites. Modemlooper has created a plugin for BuddyPress that will automatically add the tweet button to your BuddyPress activity stream items and blog posts. It’s a great plugin and everything works, except the link that it tweets out is the page that you’re on, not the actual activity permalink. So, I fixed this one issue and am offering it for download here until it’s updated at its location at the WordPress repository. Thanks Modemlooper for all your work on this fantastic plugin!

Download Plugin

If you’re curious about how the Tweet button works, check it out in the video below:

*Update: The plugin has been updated with the changes suggested and now you can get it at the WP repo by clicking the download link above.