New CDN Sync Tool Works with WordPress Caching Plugins to Optimize Performance

New CDN Sync Tool Works with WordPress Caching Plugins to Optimize Performance

Page load time is becoming increasingly important, not only for Google’s page ranking but also for capturing users’ attention and ultimately more sales. Every WordPress site that is experiencing any level of success needs to have a caching plugin in order to maintain a high level of performance under heavy traffic.

Introducing the CDN Sync Tool

CDN Sync Tool is a new plugin that works with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache to help keep your Content Deliver Network (CDN) synced. If you’re not familiar with using a CDN, the basic idea is to deliver content more efficiently to users by serving content from web servers distributed across multiple locations.

Features of the CDN Sync Tool:

This plugin does four major things for your WordPress site:

  • Utilizes to offer lossless compression of images as well as GD compression
  • Concatenates all of the Javascript and CSS files in the header and footer to one file each to reduce HTTP requests
  • Moves the javascript file to the footer so the browser doesn’t hold up the page load doing it
  • Leverages Google’s Closure Compiler to remove whitespace and do simple and advanced optimizations to reduce file size

CDN Sync Tool requires WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache to be installed. This is because the plugin uses their URL rewriting functionalities. Plus you’re bound to need a caching plugin if you’re serious about performance. Use Google Webmaster Tools to have a look at your page speed before and after. The CDN Sync Tool plugin is an extra measure that should give you a noticeable boost. If you have any questions, be sure to check out the extensive FAQ section.