New Classifieds Plugin Built For for WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress

New Classifieds Plugin Built For for WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress

We’ve been adding a lot of new plugins at WPMU Dev Premium this past week and I’d like to introduce you to our new Classifieds plugin. It allows you to add a fully featured classifieds section to your WordPress site. Best of all, it’s built to work smoothly with both Multisite and BuddyPress so that you can create a whole network of localized classified ad sites.

Make Money From Each Classified Ad Listing!

I recently outlined 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Money with WordPress Multisite, and you can definitely add Classifieds to this list. Once you set up how much you want to be paid and which categories you want available, your classified listings will be completely automated. Every new post on your classifieds section will be generating income for you!

Classifieds Listing Page

Classifieds Features:

  • The plugin is compatible with WordPress, Multisite and BuddyPress
  • The BuddyPress users get a special page in their profiles for viewing and posting Classifieds
  • Upload images with ads and resize with easy-to-use cropping tool
  • Set time limit for ads to expire in terms of weeks
  • Built-in widgets for search, featured ads, and categorires
  • Flexible PayPal credit system with multiple currency options
  • Easily test crediting system with PayPal sandbox mode before launch
  • Set signup credits for all users or send an individual user a set amount of credits
  • Send credits as gifts

Perfect BuddyPress Integration:

When using Classifieds with BuddyPress, it becomes a completely natural part of the BuddyPress user menu. The process of creating an ad is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, so your users won’t be left hanging on any step.

The Classified ads plugin is one of the easiest ways to monetize a successful online community.

If you’re great a promoting your own community but have little time left over for additional money-making efforts, then this is a great add-on for you. You can easily create a site completely dedicated to classifieds or simply add it as a new section / page to your site. In either case you’re going to be making more money by offering a service to your users. Charging them for ads is optional, so if you want it to be a free feature offered as an incentive for membership, you can do that, too. Find out more at the Classifieds plugin homepage.