New Features Added to the WPMU DEV CustomPress Plugin

New Features Added to the WPMU DEV CustomPress Plugin

The WPMU DEV CustomPress plugin for creating custom posts, custom fields, and custom taxonomies has been updated to add more functionality and more choices for the user.

We’ll go over some of the new features first, and then for those who aren’t familiar with it, we’ll give a brief overview of the plugin as a whole.

The following have been added or updated:

  • Added field reordering to Custom Fields
  •  Added Required fields
  •  Added Date Picker
  •  Added Datepicker themes
  • Added Datepicker date formats
  •  Added individual date formats for each created field
  •  Added shortcodes for Taxonomy [tax id=”tax” before=”your before text ” separator=”, ” after=” your after text”]
  •  Added shortcodes for Custom fields including metadata [ct id=”field id” property=” title | description | value “] or leave out property entirely for default value.
  •  Enabled shortcodes in widgets
  •  Change embed codes to style for better error trapping. The old style still works so old templates aren’t broken.
  •  Corrected CP_PLUGIN_URL for SSL
  •  Fixed double display of options on Radio buttons
  •  Fixed Group checkbox problem
  •  Added class exists exclusions
  •  Verified function as a direct sub module for Classifieds, Directory etc.
  •  Added stripslashes_deep on $_POST to handle apostrophes properly.


Below are a few screenshots of the more graphically obvious additions.

Date Picker


Date Picker Themes


Date Formats

Make a Field Required

Reorder Fields

CustomPress Plugin Overview

The CustomPress plugin helps you transform WordPress into a full-blown CMS by allowing you to add your own post types, fields, and taxonomies. In other words, it’s ideal for helping you set up posts that need more than the typical editing screen, categories box, and tag box.

Below are a few examples of content that would be better served by having special posts types, fields, and taxonomies.

  1. Movie Database
  2. Book Database
  3. Real Estate listings
  4. Design Galleries
  5. Restaurant Reviews
  6. Recipes
  7. Celebrity Database
  8. Etc., Etc., Etc.


An Example

For example, below is a screenshot of custom post type screen for a movie database. Notice how it has been set up with special “custom fields” for typical elements found in a movie database: release date, review 1-10, MPAA ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17), stars of the move, director, etc.


To get a more complete understanding of custom posts, custom fields, and custom taxonomies, see our three part series on how they’re different and how they work together.

You can find the CustomPress plugin and more info here.