New Plugin Adds Star Ratings and Reviews to BuddyPress Groups

New Plugin Adds Star Ratings and Reviews to BuddyPress Groups

One plugin that I’m very excited about this week is BuddyPress Group Reviews, made available by Boone Gorges, who is one of the core committers on the BuddyPress project.

BP Group Reviews adds a new tab to your BuddyPress groups, where site members can leave reviews and star ratings for the group. You’ve seen the star rating and review capabilities in action on the Extend section of Now you can add the same functionality to your own BuddyPress site by simply installing this plugin! The code was originally written by Andy Peatling and Boone expanded it to make it into a plugin available for the community. This is how it will look on your groups section once BP Group Reviews is installed and activated:

Site members will be able to click on the “reviews” tab, leave their own reviews, assign stars, and it will be instantly posted below. Other users can also comment on the review.

Sites that Benefit from BP Group Reviews:

This is a must-have plugin if you’re building a BuddyPress site that utilizes groups as a business directory. It’s exactly the kind of tool that will allow BuddyPress site owners to create directory websites that are driven by user-generated reviews and ratings. Reviews give users the opportunity for more expression, which means more content on your site. Instead of passively taking in information, users can actively participate with the listings. If your site has quite a number of active groups, then this plugin will help users who are browsing to know which groups others rank as being worthwhile.

On my wishlist for this plugin is a widget that allows you to display and sort groups by their star rankings and by number of reviews. Who knows, maybe Boone will find an extra minute or two for such a feature. ;)