New Plugin Helps Bands and Businesses Sell Large Files Through WP E-Commerce

New Plugin Helps Bands and Businesses Sell Large Files Through WP E-Commerce

The team at has released a new plugin that makes it easy for your users to purchase and download large files, regardless of file type. It’s called WP e-Commerce Download Manager and it’s perfect for bands, graphic designers, photographers, and any business whose work is sold in large files.

Current Features of the WP e-Commerce Download Manager

  • Provides a simple and convenient way for your customers to download files
  • Ships with a variety of themes that can be implemented in the dashboard (just two at the moment, more with the public release, the themes will complement the MP3 jPlayer themes)
  • Themes can be customised or new themes added for complete control of the look and feel of the widget
  • Zips all the files into one neat package ready for the user to save them to their hard drive

In the future, the plugin’s developers plan to add in the ability place the digital downloader anywhere on your site using template tags. Other future options on the table are: integration with their Amazon S3 Plugin, “Buy Now” functionality that triggers immediate downloads on sites where the shop supports Token based credit card billing, and possible BandCamp and SoundCloud integration.

With this plugin you could easily create your own virtual record store, sell stock images, e-books, informational videos, or anything else that comes in the form of a large file.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you should WordPress for your online store or band site. The most important reason is for the purpose of owning your own data. You cannot put a price tag on this. Other major benefits include:

  • Keep 100% of your profits
  • Maintain control of your brand and how it’s presented
  • Easily change your prices and offer specials/discounts

If you’ve ever tried to manage a virtual download store with WP E-commerce, then you know just how bulky it can be. This plugin offers your users a much smoother experience and will ultimately help you to be selling more. The WP e-Commerce Download Manager will be a commercial addition to’s free WP E-Commerce plugin. However, if you head on over to their blog, you can download the alpha version for free right now while it’s still being tested.