New Plugin Makes it Easy to Embed Any Facebook Content on Your WordPress Site

New Plugin Makes it Easy to Embed Any Facebook Content on Your WordPress Site

Embed Facebook is a new plugin that makes the process of posting Facebook content in WordPress ridiculously simple: Paste the URL (of a facebook album, picture, video, page, or event) and the plugin will automatically embed the related object.

The only requirement is that the object must be public and should belong to a Facebook Page. That means you cannot embed your personal albums. If you operate a business and you do a lot of marketing on Facebook, then you’ll be able to easily embed albums, events and other items originally created within Facebook. This is helpful if you’re more comfortable with the Facebook interface than that of your WordPress site.

Benefits of Using the Embed Facebook Plugin:

The ability to embed images, albums and videos from Facebook works very much to your advantage if you don’t want to have to host the content yourself. If you prefer to manage your organization’s events on Facebook, then this plugin will allow you to easily promote your events on your WordPress site as well, instead of having to install an events management plugin.

Embedding content from Facebook can also save your business money. Instead of paying a programmer to put up a custom gallery on your site, you can quickly knock one together on Facebook and embed it yourself. You can use it post images of products, location, before and after shots. You’ll be able to easily add videos, galleries, events, etc. to any post or page and manage them through the Facebook interface.

Check out the demo site for a full demonstration of embedding various content types, including: album, photo, event, page, video, note, and group. If your business is active on Facebook, then Embed Facebook will help you to unify your marketing strategy on your WordPress site and across social networks.