New Plugin Release: Multisite Theme Manager by WPMU DEV

We’re pleased as punch to announce a brand new plugin: Multisite Theme Manager.

Multisite Theme Manager lets you control and customize your users’ theme viewing experience. Give your themes striking feature images, change names and edit descriptions. And when you’re done, export your settings for use on other networks.

Head over to our plugins page to download Multisite Theme Manager.

Stacked with Features

Multisite Theme Manager is an essential tool for every Multisite network admin.

Whether your network has two users or 2000, this plugin provides centralized control and configuration of every site’s themes page.

You could even combine Multisite Theme Manager with our Pro Sites plugin to offer premium themes to your users.

Customize Theme Details

Want to change the names of themes? Add or edit descriptions? You can do all that with Multisite Theme Manager, and without editing any theme code.

If you’re tired of the existing features image, upload your own theme images for a more consistent look across your site.

Edit theme details
Customize theme details for a more personalized experience across your network.

Control Your Users’ Theme Experience

Create your own themes to style your theme page. Add new rows and columns, change fonts and add backgrounds and borders.

You can even customize smaller details, such as the title displayed on the theme page. Swap “Themes” for “Styles” or even “Templates.”

Choose which details you want to display for each theme, including author links, custom links, tags and versions.

Themes page
Create and upload your own theme images and replace the defaults.

Export and Import

Save your settings and quickly and easily export them for use on another network for a consistent and professional look across your brand,

You’ll be up and running with Multisite Theme Manager in a matter of minutes thank to our easy to follow configuration tips.

After you install and activate the plugin, head to the settings page for straightforward instructions.

You Asked, We Listened

After we released Pretty Plugins, we were bombarded with requests for a similar plugin for themes. So we listened and our developers got stuck into making Multisite Theme Manager.

We’ve got lots of other awesome releases due out soon, including our theme project, major updates to our plugins and even some new plugins.

Stay tuned!

Why not try out Multisite Theme Manager today? If you’re not already one of our awesome members, join WPMU DEV to download the latest version of Multisite Theme Manager and get access to 140+ other plugins and themes.