New to WordPress? Boost Your Blogging Efficiency With Dashboard Tools

New to WordPress? Boost Your Blogging Efficiency With Dashboard Tools

Boost Your Blogging Efficiency With The WordPress Dashboard
Make sure that your WordPress dashboard isn't as cluttered as this!

If you are anything like me, you may have been happily blogging for many months (or even years) without taking any notice of the WordPress Dashboard. Some of you may not even know what I am referring to. For those of you who log into WordPress on full autopilot, the Dashboard is the first page you a confronted with!

I’ve always found myself skipping past the Dashboard until quite recently, when I spent a bit of time with it and found that it can be rather useful in a few different ways. If you are starting to find that your blog is eating up more hours than you would like, correctly utilizing the WordPress Dashboard can be a great way of making you more efficient in your blog management.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics SummaryIf you install the Google Analytics For WordPress plugin, you will have the option of your traffic data being projected straight onto your Dashboard. This can be priceless for those of us who get a little too obsessive with checking in on their traffic statistics. I personally used to do it several times a day, which of course was not a useful way to spend my time.

Once I installed Google Analytics For WordPress, I was able to take control of my obsession by setting myself some simple rules. Once a week I allow myself to go nuts and assess my traffic data until I can’t possibly take anymore. But for the rest of the week, I allow myself a glance at the data that the aforementioned plugin presents on your Dashboard (just to check that everything is hunky dory), and no more.


Recent Comments On The WordPress DashboardComments were another area in which I was not being particularly efficient. Every time I received an email from WordPress informing me that someone had commented on my blog, I would inevitably rush to respond as quickly as possible, regardless of what I was in the middle of doing. Not good.

With effective use of the WordPress Dashboard, I was again able to kill my bad habits. Comments get my attention when I log into WordPress (which is typically once a day) – and email updates are turned off, so I am undistracted whilst I am busy getting on with other things.

Incoming Links

Incoming Links On The WordPress DashboardThis is a handy little feature that trawls Google Blogsearch for any blog that mentions yours. If you are at all interested in establishing and nurturing valuable relationships with other bloggers in your niche, it can be very useful to see who is linking to you and what they are saying. This doesn’t have a great to deal with efficiency as such, but is a feature worth of mention.

The Sky Is The Limit!

I have just scratched the surface here. The WordPress Dashboard can be customized to a pretty high degree, and many plugins have Dashboard functionality.

Do you find the WordPress Dashboard handy? Are there useful ways in which you use it that I haven’t mentioned? Let us know!

Creative commons image courtesy of Eirik Solheim