New Plugin Available For Cracking Down On Splogs and Spammers After Registration

New Plugin Available For Cracking Down On Splogs and Spammers After Registration

Check out the newest plugin available to help you combat WPMU and BuddyPress spam. If you’ve just set up a site with no spam protection whatsoever and sent it out into the wild, I guarantee that within a matter of days you will be inundated with spam users, splogs, and spam comments. It’s important to have some protection at the threshhold of your site. However, from time to time spammers do slip through. That’s where the Antisplog After Signups plugin comes in handy.

What does Antisplog After Signup do to combat spam?

The purpose of this plugin is to address sploggers who get through the registration process and provide a way to mass delete blogs from WPMU/WPMS.

Features of Antisplog After Signup:

  • Runs tests based on blog domain patterns, user mail and words such as ‘sex’, ‘best’ and other common splogger territories
  • Adds an Antisplog column to the Dashboard >> Super Admin >> Sites menu with notifications of critical indicators that a blog may be spam
  • jQuery function automatically checks the radio button for mass delete to save time

It’s easy to set up. Download the .txt file from from the OWNI website and save it as a php file. Upload it to your plugins folder. Then activate it sitewide or if using WP 3.0, click on “Network Activate”.

I wanted to make sure that WPMU and BuddyPress site owners know about this plugin since it’s not currently available in the WordPress repository. If you’ve ever been overrun by BuddyPress or WPMU spam then you know how serious of a problem it can be. Many thanks to Tom Wersinger for creating this helpful tool. Add this new weapon to your spam killing arsenal and let us know how it’s working for you.