News: Max Foundry Release their Max A/B Plugin…. for Free!

Plugin Powerhouse Max Foundry have released their Max A/B Plugin to the WordPress community. And, that’s right, it’s free! The plugin lets you perform A/B testing on your WordPress installation so you can create split test experiments in your website. This gives your business more flexibility when it comes to testing to see if your marketing tactics are working.

  • No need for external testing services
  • Works with any theme on any page
  • Test up to three variations and a conversion page
  • The conversion can be on a different site and still work
  • Create unlimited experiments, pause and restart whenever you want
  • Metrics are captured and calculated in real time

Check out the screenshots:

screenshot of max a/b pluginscreenshot of the max a/b plugin settings

Get over there now to grab your copy!