Ning to BuddyPress importer plugin

Ning to BuddyPress importer plugin

As promised, check out our new Ning to BuddyPress importer!

This plugin is designed to fully import all of a Ning network’s users, custom profile fields, and avatars to BuddyPress.

In short, everything that you can import from Ning to BuddyPress…

Following a simple install, just activate the Ning to BuddyPress User Importer plugin and use your new “Ning Importer” menu item under the BuddyPress menu to easily import all of your Ning network members.

Migration made easy!

BuddyPress > Ning Importer page

While members are being imported the plugin displays a user-friendly status page with a nifty list of user avatars, details, and current progress as the import page refreshes and
processes the import file in batches of 5 members.

Members being imported

All imported members receive a fully customizable introduction email with their login link, username, and password.

Example of email sent to imported Ning member

And on the off-chance you have a very large Ning member list that’s too big to upload via the plugin, you can also use FTP to upload the file and import all of your Ning network members.

Neato heh?  No more pesky Ning — now you can have a fully functional BuddyPress social network where you control the content!

Note: This plugin has been discontinued as explained here and is no longer supported.  If you’re new to BuddyPress check out our complete guide to BuddyPress – and feel free to use the forums to ask any questions you might have regarding BuddyPress… we’ll be there to help.

Or you’re welcome to use the comments here too :)

Download the BuddyPress to Ning import/migration tool here.