Ninja Forms: A New Free Plugin for Creating Forms in WordPress

Every website needs forms – it’s an integral part of visitor/customer communication. However, custom forms can be a downright pain to code. That’s why most WordPress users benefit from a plugin that does all the work. Introducing Ninja Forms: a new form building plugin that allows you to easily create and customize forms through the WordPress dashboard.

All the magic happens within a drag-and-drop interface that looks like a native part of your WordPress dashboard:

Ninja Forms Features:

  • Fully customizable CSS – make your form look the way you want.
  • Create any type of restricted input field by using filters.
  • Add a spam filter to prevent those pesky bots from filling out your form.
  • Save form submissions and download them in .xsl format.
  • Show custom help text for any form field.
  • Send a completion message to the end-user and to a list of email addresses with the ability to customize the email address this comes from.
  • Use required fields to ensure that your users fill in important information.
  • Easily create dropdowns, multi-selects, checkboxs, radio buttons, etc. with the drag and drop interface.
  • Attach a form to a page or post by simply checking a box, or use our shortcodes and functions to place your form anywhere you want.

Creating a new form is easy and very similar to writing a blog post:

All submissions through your forms are viewable in the dashboard and can be easily exported to a .xsl file for use with other programs when managing your contacts:

…Are you sure this is free?

Yes! Ninja Forms Lite is free and available for download from the WordPress plugin repository.

What do you get with NinjaForms Pro?

Ninja Forms Pro is just $30 and gives you access to some pretty cool functionality:

  • Allow users to create posts/pages/etc. from a front-end form.
  • Make long forms easier to manage by separating them into sections using multi-part forms.
  • Give users the option to save their progress and come back to complete the form at a later date.
  • Access to powerful pre and post processing hooks so you can manipulate the form data however you want.

Ninja Forms Lite is probably more than adequate for most regular WordPress users who just need a simple customized form for making a connection with visitors. Give the free version a test drive today and post your mini-review in the comments.