Our Top 20 Most Popular Daily Tips and WordPress Hacks

Our Top 20 Most Popular Daily Tips and WordPress Hacks

We’ve been writing our Daily Tip blog for more than a year now. For our daily readers, you’ll remember a few of these and maybe you’ve even bookmarked a few. If you’re just joining us, this is a great summary of some of our most popular Daily Tip articles, based on Google Analytics traffic records. Here’s a countdown of our top 20 hits.

20. Daily Tip: Post to Multiple WordPress Blogs at Once with Multipost Plugin

The MultiPost MU plugin has always been a very popular plugin for Multisite WordPress networks, even before the merge in 3.0. This tip points you to the latest version and explains how useful it is for posting across your network.

19. Daily Tip: 2 Easy Ways to Remove the “Powered by WordPress” Link

poweredbyA very common task when setting up a WordPress site is the removal of the “powered by WordPress” text in the footer. This tip gives you a few easy options for removing it.

18. Daily Tip: How to Customize Your WordPress Login Logo in Under a Minute

This tip shows you how to remove the WordPress logo and add your own logo to create a fully customized login for your WordPress site. It takes very little time but can make a big impact on how your users view your brand.

17. Daily Tip: Free TwentyTen CRM Theme For WordPress

The TwentyTen CRM Theme for WordPress is a very valuable find if you intend to transform your site into a fully functional CRM. It has built-in taxonomies and custom meta boxes to collect relevant data. It also displays the data in a useful Dashboard page template. You’ll want to get your hands on this if you intend to use a CRM for WordPress.

16. Daily Tip: Free Twenty Ten Custom Taxonomy Template

Since the WordPress.org TwentyTen theme does not come with a custom taxonomy template. That’s why Jeffikus, one of the developers on the WooThemes team, created a free generic custom taxonomy template for anyone to use. Check out this daily tip for more details.

15. Daily Tip: Remove All WordPress Dashboard Widgets in a Multisite Network

Tricks that work for regular WordPress sites don’t necessarily work for MultiSite installations. So here is a Multisite-specific solution to removing widgets.

14. Daily Tip: How to Embed RSS Feed Entries in WordPress Posts

Embedding RSS feeds into your WordPress posts isn’t as bad as you think. Just follow this handy advice and start listing the latest posts from another site on your WordPress site.

13. Daily Tip: Fatal Error Exhausted Memory Size When Upgrading to WordPress 3.0? Here’s the Fix.

Here’s a tip that solves a very common fatal error experienced by WordPress users upgrading to 3.0. If you are struggling with an Exhausted Memory Size, follow this tip to a solution.

12. Daily Tip: How to Correctly Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Site

This tip details the correct way, according the WordPress codex, to add a Favicon to your WordPress site in two easy steps.

11. Daily Tip: Quick Trick to Remove /category/ From WordPress URL

If you are looking to make your URLs simpler, maybe you’ve thought about removing the default WordPress category from the URL structure. This tip will show you how to get rid of this clutterbug.

10. Daily Tip: Quick Way to Take Your WordPress Site Down For Maintenance Without a Plugin

If you need to take your WordPress site down for maintenance, then follow the instructions in this tip to quickly update without the world knowing what you’re up to.

9. Daily Tip: Add Post Thumbnails to WordPress RSS Feed

Post thumbnails don’t just magically appear in your RSS feed but with this simple function, you can copy and paste to instantly add post thumbnails to your RSS feed.

8. Daily Tip: WordPress 3.0 and the MU-Plugins Folder

Stop searching for the mu-plugins folder in WordPress 3.0! It doesn’t get automatically created for you anymore. But this tip can show you how to easily create the directory for yourself.

7. Daily Tip: Dropbox CDN Plugin Hits the WordPress Repository

Want to reduce bandwidth on your server and load with greater speed than ever? Dropbox CDN Plugin lets you do it for free and will automatically set up a way for Dropbox to upload your theme’s CSS, JavaScript and images from your Dropbox ‘Public’ folder.

6. Daily Tip: How to Disable Right-Clicking on Your WordPress Blog

Copyrights are worth protecting on your WordPress site and this tip can help you keep your content secure by showing you how to disable right-clicking on your WordPress blog.

5. Daily Tip: Simplify Comment Templates in WordPress 3.0 With the New Comments Tag

WordPress 3.0 has a new comment template and this tip gives you the tag that will output the new form.

4. Daily Tip: Enable Post Thumbnails in Your WordPress Theme

This is a quick tutorial for adding post thumbnails to your WordPress theme so that you can display featured images on your homepage or within any other template.

3. How to Use the WordPress 3.0 Login Form Template Tag

This tip explains how easy it is to output a complete WordPress login form with the new template tag for 3.0. Copy and paste the tag anywhere within your WordPress theme.

2. Daily Tip: How to Change the Post Thumbnail Size in a WordPress Theme

Post thumbnails come in any size that you want to specify. This tip received a ton of hits because it shows you how to quickly and easily adjust the default post thumbnail size to create the design of your dreams.

1. Daily Tip: Enable Multisite in WordPress 3.0 With One Click!

Enabling Multisite for WordPress is quite a process and can be intimidating for some users. This daily tip points you to a plugin that lets you complete the process in one click, which makes it easier than ever for the average user to get a multisite network up and running.

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