Out of Work? Need a developer? Check Out WooJobs

Out of Work? Need a developer? Check Out WooJobs

screenshot of WooJobs accouncementWooThemes has just launched its new job board – the unsurprisingly named WooJobs. The new job board is aimed at the following:

  • WooThemes Modifications – theme users can be incredibly demanding. A modification here, a tweak there, or just some strange functionality that no one else in the world would ever think up. If you’re into modding WooThemes you should hop over to the job board for some work.
  • Same goes for any theme you can think of, or plugins, custom development work or anything at all WordPress related. Hint: Don’t go looking for Drupal jobs. You won’t find them there.
  • Hirings for WordPress businesses. Are you a support pro, a developer, a designer, or any other sort of WordPresser? Check out WooJobs for the latest WordPress jobs.

For the first three months job listings are free so if you’re looking for someone to do some WordPress (yes, that’s right, WordPress, no Joomla jobs allowed) then get your job posted while it’s free.