Penguin 1.1 gives us record referrals, causes mushiness, inspires desire to present

One of these days I’m gonna put together a presentation on this.

On what it feels like to have the traffic you’ve worked hard on for years (without tricks!) almost completely disappear.

On what a significant challenge it is to then get attention for that.*

And to then sit tight for weeks seeing nothing change.

Only to rock up to work on Monday and, well, do a happy dance.

And last, but not least, to rock up at the end of the week, check your stats, and note the largest day of Google referrals ever to this very site.

Yeh, there’s definitely a presentation in there somewhere :)


*I literarily cannot put into words how grateful I am for the advice and assistance of all the folk who helped draw attention to our situation and advise us on how we should proceed