Pick a Pretty Placeholder: New Free WordPress Theme Available From WooThemes

WooThemes released a new theme yesterday called Placeholder. They’re working to get it easily integrated with the WooFramework to present an attractive landing page to your visitors while you continue to develop your site behind the scenes.

Placeholder Includes:

  • Links to your external social profiles
  • Simple sign-up form for capturing visitors’ e-mail addresses
  • A live countdown timer to notify visitors when to return
  • User-friendly options panel for entering your site’s logo, introduction text, launch date, etc.
  • Custom typography
  • 5 alternative color style options

Check out a screenshot of the options panel to see just how easy it is to use:

The Placeholder theme was designed by Magnus Jepson, who has designed several of the most successful themes in their line. This is without a doubt one of the most attractive free placeholder themes available to WordPress users.

If you are preparing to launch a site, don’t opt for an ugly white page generated by a maintenance plugin. Placeholder offers you a more professional option and ensures that you don’t miss your chance to keep your visitors informed and engaged, as well as to capture their contact information.

WooThemes is a trusted theme provider that does not add malicious code of any kind to your free download. Siobhan has been writing quite a bit lately about how to know if a free theme is really trustworthy. Our friends over at WooThemes are the real deal. Head on over to the Placeholder theme page and check out the full list of features.