Plan Your Blog Posts from within WordPress with Notely

Plan Your Blog Posts from within WordPress with NotelyWhenever I write a blog post, I like to have at least an idea in my head as to where I am going with it. That may not be immediately clear to those of you who have read my posts before, but I swear that it’s the truth.

That idea may be nothing more than a fleeting thought, but whenever I am writing something more than a few hundred words, I like to outline my post before writing it. This outline will typically be some indented bullet points, featuring the subheaders and content ideas that I want to cover.

I’ve always prepared these outlines in a text editor, then flitted between it and WordPress when writing the post. However, a simple little plugin that I discovered today can take out some the hassle.


This plugin isn’t going to win any awards for spectacular functionality, but if you’re looking for somewhere to take notes whilst you’re writing posts in WordPress, Notely will do the trick just fine.

All the plugin does is include a plain text box within the Add New Post/Page screen, like this:


It may seem simple, but for people like me who like to plan their posts before writing, it is a handy little spot to make notes.

Download Notely here.

Creative Commons image courtesy of @boetter