Plugin Release: PopUp Pro, “The Best Work I’ve Ever Seen From WPMU DEV”

Plugin Release: PopUp Pro, “The Best Work I’ve Ever Seen From WPMU DEV”

We’re pleased to announce a major overhaul of our Pop Up! plugin, now known as PopUp Pro.

Since Popup Pro was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out Popup Pro

PopUp Pro provides an effective solution for targeted advertising in the form of a simple and beautifully designed pop-up on your site.

Not only does PopUp Pro have a new name, but we’ve also given it a new lick of paint. We’ve completely redesigned the user interface, making it easier than ever to create beautiful and eye-catching pop-ups.

Download PopUp Pro and let us know in the comments below what you think about our new and improved design.

Brand New User Interface

We’ve given PopUp Pro a makeover.

Creating a pop-up is simple and intuitive – like is should be. Name your pop-up, give it a heading and sub-heading (or don’t, it’s up to you), and add some text to your pop-up.

Add an image, align it left or right, and don’t forget to add a few words for the call to action button.

Add New Pop-Up
Easily add a new pop-image and preview what it looks like before hitting “Save”.

If you don’t want to use one of our three built-in pop-up styles, you can choose your own custom colors to match your site’s design.

PopUp Pro is responsive by default, but if you would rather use a custom size you can do that, too.

You can also set behaviors, such as display a pop-up after a set period or time or after a user has scrolled down a certain section of a page.

If your users don’t want to see your pop-ups, you can let them choose whether to hide them in future.

Style the appearance of your pop-up to match your site's design.
Style the appearance of your pop-up to match your site’s design.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff: displaying conditions.

This section lets you choose who you want to display your pop-ups to – and you can get specific.

Want to display pop-ups to users from Japan who use a mobile device and have arrived on your site from Google? Easy done.

How about users who are logged into your site, have never commented before and have seen your pop-up fewer than five times? You can do that, too.

PopUp Pro display conditions
Specify when your pop-up displays and to whom.

PopUp Pro Has Fantastic Features

The free version of PopUp Pro, WordPress Pop Up, is the most popular pop-up plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository with more than 150,000 downloads.

PopUp Pro takes WordPress Pop Up to another level, adding more templates, greater design control, and an unlimited number of pop-ups with extended powerful behaviors for setting specific times, locations and even who sees your pop-ups.

Pro features include:

  • Design pop-ups from a familiar, intuitive interface
  • Unlimited pop-ups that display across an entire Multisite network, on individual sites or on specific URLs
  • Both responsive and fixed design options mean your pop-ups look great on every device
  • Three built-in modern templates for displaying clean, simple or sophisticated pop-ups
  • Choose to hide pop-ups from mobile devices
  • Control who sees a pop-up including logged out users, visitors who have never commented and search engine visitors
  • Set when a pop-up appears based on time, location, CSS markers and clicks
  • Allow visitors to hide a pop-up from displaying again
  • Display pop-ups to visitors from specific geographic locations
  • Preview pop-ups before saving them

As with all our plugins, you also get access to our fantastic support team who work around the clock.

PopUp Pro Has Awesome Reviews

Members are already enjoying PopUp Pro’s beautiful new user experience.

Since soft launching the plugins, we’ve had some brilliant feedback from members:

“You all get hammered with questions and problems (plenty from me). I wanted to take a moment and let you know that this is by far the best work I’ve ever seen from WPMU DEV.

The developer should lead the team and all your apps should be of this level of quality, performance and beauty. Wonderful work team and thank you!”

– NerdEnterprises

Why not try out PopUp Pro today? If you’re not already one of our awesome members, join WPMU DEV to download the latest version of PopUp Pro and get access to 140+ other plugins and themes.