Plugin to keep track of other plugins removed from WordPress Plugin Directory

The plugin’s header image

Here’s a quick security and site management tool.

Wouldn’t you like to know if one of your installed plugins is no longer in the WordPress Plugin Directory?

A new plugin, No Longer in Directory, does just that.

It ignores plugins from other sources, like WPMU DEV.

It simply lists the names of the installed plugins, whether active or not, that are no longer in the WP Plugin Directory, as shown below:

Example output from the plugin

Why Do We Care?

As stated on the plugin’s Description page:

 Plugins can be removed for the following reasons:

  • they are found to break the GPL
  • they are found to break the directory rules
  • other plugins by the author are found to be a problem and all are removed pending investigation
  • the author asks for it to be closed
  • the author asks for it to be closed because they are re-releasing under a different name
  • it is being investigated after non-specific complaints
  • there is a security vulnerability

That’s a pretty compelling list if you ask me. You may also want to consider testing this list of plugins with the Deprecation Checker plugin.

Why not download and activate the plugin today and see if any of yours have been removed without you knowing or end up getting removed in the future? Just remember to check that link under the Plugins menu area to get the current list.