10 Premium WordPress Plugins for Maximizing Your Site’s Social Sharing

10 Premium WordPress Plugins for Maximizing Your Site’s Social Sharing

Integrating social media with your site is an important – and these days expected – way to help spread the word about you and what have you offer, whether you run a basic blog or a corporate multinational.

There are many plugins available to help you add Facebook, Twitter and the like to your online presence, but it’s easy to get lost amongst the hundreds of options in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Although there are many free options out there, they are often uploaded to the directory and forgotten. Some rarely get updated, while others can’t be relied on for timely support, or any form of help at all. (after all, how much can you really expect for free?)

That’s why premium plugins are a trusted option for you or your business. Supporting the developers and companies behind paid for plugins enables features, options and services that you just can’t get for free.

These 11 plugins will give a major boost to your site’s social sharing the way only premium plugins can and they all happen to be ours. They’re also ready to go for both single and Multisite installs. Get ready to get social!

  • Social Marketing

    Social Marketing plugin

    The Social Marketing plugin allows you to create an ad for your site with an offer that’s released to your visitors once they share your site. It’s as easy as choosing your settings and creating an ad in the same way you would a post.

    When you activate the plugin, you’re immidiately directed to the plugin’s page in your dashboard that outlines the three steps to successfully place an ad on your site. The settings are straight forward and they create great results with only a few tweaks.

    You can also choose between pre-made styles or create your own which makes it easy to tailor it to your specific needs.

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  • Floating Social

    Floating Social plugin

    This plugin places scrollable social media buttons on your page or post in the position of your choice. The buttons will remain in view as your visitors read through your page.

    There is very little configuring that needs to happen. Once you finish choosing a background color, the social media sites you would like to add and a few other settings, you’re ready to go.

    Although the settings are quite straight forward, there are also advanced settings including choosing a Z index and adding custom CSS. The social media buttons also slide smoothly and they look great, too.

    Interested in Floating Social?

  • Slide In

    Slide In plugin

    The Slide In plugin displays an in-line pop-up with custom text, related posts or a MailChimp subscribe from that slides in from the side of a page.

    You also have the option of including social media sharing button at the bottom. You can even make a special offer and have visitors share it via the sharing buttons.

    The settings are very simple to set up and the actual content of the pop-up is created through a post-like visual editor. There’s also a link in the settings where you can preview the pop-up before you add it to your site.

  • Ultimate Facebook

    Ultimate Facebook plugin

    This plugin is named for its complete set of Facebook integration options. Whether it’s adding a like button, sharing feature, Facebook comments or allowing users to log in with their Facebook account, Ultimate Facebook has you covered.

    Your visitors will be able to interact with your site a lot easier and without worrying about signing up for yet another account they’ll forget about. You’ll be able to help boost your user experience and engagement all in one plugin.

    The settings can be a bit tricky to set up at first since you have to set up a Facebook application, but the steps are all outlined for you so it’s fairly easy to follow along. If you run into any problems, our support team can certainly help you out.

    Once that’s done, it’s pretty simple to finish setting everything up.

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  • Pay with a Like

    Pay With a Like plugin

    Pay with a Like allows you to limit content on your site until a visitor likes or shares your post, then the content is revealed. When done right, this plugin can have a great impact on your traffic.

    When I set up this plugin and had it activated on my posts by accident, I saw a large boost in traffic. It worked well for me after giving away a few good tips and leaving one piece of key advice hidden until the post is liked or shared.

    You could also use it to spread the word about a free offer such as an eBook or video series. It’s also incredibly easy to set up. You’ll be done in a blink of an eye.

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  • Comments +

    Comments Plus Plugin

    You can worry a little less about comment spam when you provide the options to leave a message with a social media account. Comments + lets you do exactly that while also giving a sense of familiarity to your visitors.

    You can even choose to have the comments posted on the accounts your visitors signed in with to attract more people to your site. If you like WordPress’ default comments feature, but just want to add a bit of social media functionality, this plugin is one you should consider.

    The settings can be a bit tricky to set up since you need to set up apps on the social media sites you choose, but the settings page walks you through the steps. If you get stuck, you do have the option to ask our support for assistance.

  • The Google+ Plugin

    The Google+ Plugin

    The Google+ plugin lets you add sharing buttons to your posts and pages while also allowing you to track them with Google Analytics. You can even choose to override global settings on a post-by-post basis.

    You can also post to your site through Google+. There are many shortcodes available for you to use as well that help you to further style your Google+ posts feed and plus one buttons to your specific needs.

    Once you’re able to set up a Google project to get an API key, it’s easy to finish setting up this plugin. Instructions are available right on the setting’s page, but our support team is here to help if you run into any problems.

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  • YouTube Featured Video

    YouTube Featured Video plugin

    This plugin helps you feature your YouTube videos on your site any where on your site including your sidebar. You can also choose how videos are played including in an elegant in-line pop-up when clicked.

    It’s a great way to rekindle interest in old videos or promote brand new videos. You can even display related videos based on the content of the page or post to help keep visitors engaged with your site longer.

    The set up and settings are simple and straight forward. You can easily have featured videos running on your site in a few short minutes.

    Interested in YouTube Featured Video?

  • Comment Form Text

    Comment Form Text plugin

    The Comment Form Text plugin allows you to add any content to your comments section with a little bit of coding. You can add anything from ads to social media sharing buttons.

    It’s a flexible plugin that allows you to get creative and helps you maximize on your site’s real estate. You’re only limited to what you would like to make with coding.

    Just be sure to know that the installation process is a bit more involved than most other plugins, although, they full instructions are all laid out for you. If you run into troubles, our support team is available to help get you out of a jam.

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  • Google Analytics +

    Google Analytics + plugin

    Google Analytics + allows you to check your stats right in the WordPress admin dashboard. You won’t have to switch between sites anymore.

    You’ll also be able to see incredibly detailed information in an eye-catching way for one site or your whole Multisite network. If you’d like, you can even offer it as a premium feature for your users by also installing our Pro Sites plugin.

    Installing and setting up this plugin is a breeze. Better yet, you’ll have access to a ton of traffic stats instantly so you won’t be caught wondering just how popular your site is anymore.

    Interested in Google Analytics +?


These premium plugins will help maximize your site’s social sharing and build your online reputation. Use one or as many of them as you want to help meet your specific needs.

If you’re interested in integrating social media into your site and would like more information on ways to include it in your site, check out our posts Integrating Twitter into WordPress: The Ultimate Guide and Add WhatsApp To Your WordPress Website And Double Your Traffic.

There are many reasons to integrate social media into your site, but what’s yours? Share your experience and join in on the conversation in the comments below.