New & Improved Post Indexer Plugin Explodes Your Multisite’s Potential

If you run a WordPress Multisite install, then no doubt you’ve had your hands full trying to manage and/or display posts from across your network.

At WPMU DEV, we’ve built a whole host of plugins that help you do that, everything from Recent Global Posts Widget to Global Site Search to Global Site Tags and many more.

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What you might not realize is that all of those plugins rely on a very powerful behind-the-scenes plugin called Post Indexer.

And so today is very good news for Multisite owners because the Post Indexer just got even more powerful.

Card catolog index system - representing the Post Indexer plugin.

What It Does

Recent Global Posts Widget in action.
The Recent Global Posts Widget is but one plugin that relies on the Post Indexer.

First a quick explanation of what the Post Indexer does.

As mentioned, this is actually a “behind-the-scenes” plugin that your users will never realize is there. As the Site Admin, however, you will absolutely know it’s there.

What this plugin does is create an index (a giant pool) of all the posts across all the sites in your network. This allows other plugins (like those mentioned above) to access all those posts as they need to.

For example, in order for the Recent Global Posts Widget to pull recent posts from your network into a widget on the sidebar, it needs to first find those posts in the index that the Post Indexer created.

If the Post Indexer hadn’t first gathered all the posts into one place, the Recent Global Posts Widget wouldn’t know where to go to look for them.

What’ New

OK, so what’s new? And why does it matter to you?

The older version of the Post Indexer did its job, but you didn’t have a whole lot of control over the index itself.

Stats from the Post Indexer dashboard
Stats give you a view into the index.

That’s all changed now.

Now you have tons of control, and tons of little windows into what the index is looking like via some very nice statistics.

This matters because when you can control the index, you can control what other plugins have access too.

If you don’t want a particular site’s posts to show up in your Recent Global Posts Widget, for example, then you can now set that site to not be indexed.

If you need to get a particular site indexed right away for some reason (but not all the others), you can do that too.

Another very nice addition to the new version is the ability to index posts that existed prior to the plugin being installed.  And, of course, you can also do that on a site by site basis with the new version.

Overview of the main stats page.
You get stats galore in the new version of the Post Indexer. Above is a big picture view of the stats for the index. But there’s also the option of seeing stats for every single site in your network.

Post Indexer Features

Take a look at a rundown of the Post Indexer’s features. If you’ve worked with this plugin before, you’ll recognize the improvements right away. If you haven’t worked with this plugin yet, once you do you’ll soon come to appreciate the power behind it.

  • Post Indexer dashboard and statistics for all sites
  • Individual site statistics
  • Index posts published prior to plugin activation (index rebuilding functionality)
  • Index rebuilding on a site by site basis
  • Choose post types to be indexed for all sites
  • Choose post types to be indexed on a site by site basis
  • Enable or disable indexing on a site by site basis
  • Global setting to determine lifetime of index

You can check out the power of the Post Indexer for yourself by downloading it here. It will explode the potential of your Multisite install like little else.

Photocredit: card catalog

Did you know now you can try Post Indexer, our 100+ premium plugins and our other services absolutely FREE?!FIND OUT MORE