The Comments Indexer and Posts Indexer

The penultimate entry into this ‘best of’ content might also come as a bit of a surprise… the comment indexer and post indexer plugins

They might come as a particular shock as they, in themselves, do absolutely nothing for you… but (and it’s a big but) they power and make possible global tags, post listings, feeds and a heck of a lot more, in fact, their very existence means that the following plugins are possible:

Tag Posts – to display a lists of posts that have been tagged with a specific tag/category

Recent Comments from across your entire site

Feeds for recent global author comments and recent global author posts.

To display a really rather sexy list of global posts on your frontpage.

To set up global tag clouds and pages.

And, my personal favorites:

The recent global comments widget and the recent global posts widget – both of which allow anyone to simply display, with cute avatars, recent posts and comments from across their site without having to know a line of code!

So… as you can see.. the comment indexer and post indexer plugins ar well deserved ‘best of’ items!