25+ Premium and Responsive WordPress Themes That Are Ridiculously Good Looking

When it comes to WordPress design, the possibilities really are endless, and some of the themes you can get nowadays are nothing short of spectacular.

Now that we’re living in a culture where almost everybody browses the web from a mobile device, having a site that looks just “okay” on a smartphone or a tablet doesn’t cut it. Responsive design is in, and you should be taking advantage of it (if you’re not already).

A WordPress site that uses a responsive theme will resize and orient itself based on the size of the screen it’s being displayed on. Unlike a mobile-optimized site, which first detects the browser and then reformats itself, a responsive site is completely flexible regardless of what device you view it from.

If you’re serious about getting that eye-catching look from your site that just begs visitors to do a double-take (and ideally scroll down or click on links), you should be willing to invest a bit of money into a great responsive theme. There are certainly many free responsive WordPress themes that look good, but if you want a truly stunning design with all sorts of features for you to build and customize your own unique look, you’ll likely have to go premium.

Here are more than 25 absolutely gorgeous premium WordPress themes that are guaranteed to look incredible on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Salient

    Salient is one of those themes that can be transformed to look almost any way you want, thanks to its drag-and-drop page builder and extensive theme options. In any case, it’s perfect if you have visual content to show off. With support for retina displays it’s a guarantee that your images, videos, and graphics will look good on any device.

  • Brooklyn

    Brooklyn is one of the best multipurpose themes available today and, according to the developers, it’s a theme so powerful that you might well never need to buy another one ever again. Built on the ZURB Foundation framework, Brooklyn is one of the most responsive themes you can get and is ideal for browsing on mobile.

  • Story

    Combining responsive design with parallax animations, the design variations that you can create with this modern looking theme are virtually limitless. If you’re considering a gallery on your WordPress site, Story is a fantastic theme to consider for supporting finger gestures. Users will be able to seamlessly navigate through images from any mobile device.

  • X | The Theme

    X has been called “the theme of 2015”, and all you need to do is have a look at the 30 demo sites to see why. In fact, the developers of X claim to have made responsive design on this theme better than ever. It uses a completely fluid, percentage-based design as opposed to a design that changes when needed at certain fixed breakpoints.

  • BeTheme

    Another great multipurpose theme with an outstanding 55 demos is BeTheme. It comes with over 100 pre-made layouts that are ready to use, all of which look stunning. It’s unbelievable that so many different, high quality layouts can come from just one theme with a click of your mouse. Complete with retina support, fully responsive design, and swipe gestures enabled, this theme is bound to knock your socks off.

  • Inception

    Anyone wanting to set up a portfolio on their WordPress site will want to check out Inception for its one-page design, breathtaking CSS3 animations, and smooth section transitions. It also comes retina-ready and is, of course, fully responsive.

  • The Retailer

    If you run any kind of retail business, you might just need a really spectacular e-commerce site. The Retailer brings you a modern design with WooCommerce integration, and is a top-selling e-commerce theme. Visitors and potential customers won’t have any problem at all browsing from a mobile device and can enjoy its unique transition effects that work with the Slider Revolution plugin.

  • Worker

    For entrepreneurs and small businesses, Worker is a theme that has a nifty appointment calendar feature and everything you need to manage your appointments (including Google Calendar integration). The theme is clean and modern, but still nothing short of breathtaking. Both the front-end and admin area are fully responsive.

  • Hugo

    Hugo, another e-commerce site that works with WooCommerce, is a great theme for highlighting images of your products or portfolio work. It gives off an elegant look with a truly unique design that promises to help take your business to the next level. Visitors who browse this theme on a mobile device are sure to be impressed.

  • Qua

    Qua has more of a minimal look to it, and is geared toward creatives who want to show off their work. The theme’s simple design really works to highlight the content rather than drawing too much attention to the theme itself. The entire theme is fully responsive, and even comes with a beautiful slideshow feature, as well as Sell Media plugin integration for selling or licensing your work.

  • Ridge


    Another stunning theme for creatives to show off their work is Ridge, designed as a portfolio that puts your work front and center – whether it’s images, video, or audio. The theme has a sidebar that’s fixed as you scroll down through the main content, and its fully responsive design adjusts accordingly to the device it’s being viewed on.

  • Ink

    Sticking with the portfolio theme, Ink is a simple and clean solution that uses a grid-style format to highlight the visuals of your content. On individual pages, you can set full screen background images to enhance each page’s personality. The responsive design maintains the theme’s visual flow on all mobile devices.

  • Trail

    When it comes to really emphasizing visual content, Trail is one theme that really delivers. This is one to consider if you want to feature big images everywhere and pair them with gorgeous typography. Featuring a full screen vertical scrolling parallax home page, it’s built to be fully responsive on any device and includes smooth filter animations in the portfolio.

  • Ultra

    Ultra is Themify’s most versatile theme and has been called a “must-have” for all designers and developers. Built to be flexible and extremely powerful, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to create a vast number of layouts. You get over 32 outstanding professional layouts ready made with it, all of which are responsive.

  • Insight

    Insight is a theme that keeps minimal and distraction-free design in mind. Its magazine-inspired look is perfect for putting photos and videos right out there for everyone to see, and its advanced ZOOM Framework enables you to customize every little detail. Its responsive layout supports fluidity, making all your content stand out and easy to browse no matter what device you’re using.

  • Expo

    Creatives might want to consider the minimal, horizontal design that Expo offers, which is great for featuring artistic work. It includes a splash page that you use to enter the site, and supports side-scrolling throughout the rest of the site. And yes, you can even scroll sideways through it using a smartphone or tablet.

  • Onesie Pro

    Simpler designs are often attractive options for showing off a portfolio of photography, video, or other type of artwork. Onesie Pro is able to give you that along with just enough other options to let you dress it up a little – like background images. Its fully responsive design also works with the Sell Media plugin for monetization.

  • Tempo

    You’re going to be addicted to rolling your mouse over the images in this minimal portfolio theme. And even if you’re using it from a mobile device, you’ll still be awestruck. The theme’s best highlights are its masonry or grid layouts, a dark skin option, WooCommerce, and multiple header layouts.

  • MoneyFlow

    Entrepreneurs and business owners who are serious about making money should check out MoneyFlow. It’s specifically designed to help increase your earnings, but doesn’t give you an overly salesy impression at all. Optimized to be used on all devices, this is one must-have theme if engaging, informing, and monetizing your visitors is important to you.

  • E-event

    Not all WordPress themes are optimized for highlighting and managing events. E-event has a modern and eye-catching layout that is fully responsive and clearly emphasizes the event aspect of your site. It offers all sorts of awesome event-specific features like an upcoming event carousel, filterable events, event counters, pricing layouts, and so much more.

  • Blogojoy

    Blogojoy is a theme that does away with all the unnecessary elements to create a simple, minimal look. Its focus is blogging and content sharing, with unique animations that pop up on the slider and as you scroll. The Tesla Framework that it is built on enables you to customize it as much as you want, which is guaranteed to look amazing on any mobile device as well as the desktop web.

  • Interactive

    If you plan to run any type of news site, or if you just simply want to feature a lot of content, Interactive is a theme that will turn all of your stories into works of art. The theme supports multiple home page designs and a unique off-canvas mobile menu feature, which swoops in from the left with a smooth animation when viewed from a mobile device. The menu goes back into hiding when not in use.

  • EasyNote

    EasyNote is a theme that has a truly unique look to it, emphasizing a trendy, clean, and content-focused design that’s ideal for bloggers and other creatives. Big images are a main component of this theme, all of which adjust nicely to the screen size however you’re viewing it, in a way that doesn’t overpower the rest of the content.

  • FireUp

    Nobody likes a cluttered WordPress design, especially when you’re trying to sell products or services. FireUp is ideal for retailers and other businesses, offering WooCommerce compatibility and a clean look that’s perfect for highlighting and featuring your best products. The theme maintains its clean look on every device, with images that really stand out on smaller screen sizes.

  • Resume

    Want to show off your work and experience in a truly unique way? Resume is a theme that makes you stand out from the crowd by using bright colors, smooth transitions, bold typography, and more for a clean yet impactful look. Perfect for freelancers and creative individuals, you’ll never have to worry about your site falling short of impressing visitors when it’s viewed on the regular web or mobile.

  • Hero

    Your portfolio of work is bound to look stunning when you use Hero. Unlike some of the other themes on this list, it only features large imagery where necessary – like the parallax header and individual pages or posts. Built with minimal design in mind, it’s fully responsive and features a smoothly animated portfolio that creatives can take advantage of to show off their work.

  • Buler

    Buler is described as a “rugged” e-commerce site that works with WooCommerce. It’s one of the most flexible and advanced themes available, giving off a look that’s clean, crisp, and bold. It’s perfect for drawing attention to whatever you’re selling on your site, and your visitors can continue browsing and shopping even from their smartphone or tablet.

  • Atticus

    Atticus is a very visual yet minimal theme that really delivers on cool animations and transitions. With all the theme options, the page builder, premium plugins included, and numerous combinations of hundreds of fonts and colors, there’s no telling what’s possible with this theme. And yes, like all the other themes in this list, it is absolutely fully responsive.

This list could certainly go on far beyond the 28 themes featured here. Which theme is your favorite? Any others you’d add? Let us know in the comments.