Print Pretty With the Free Joliprint Plugin For WordPress

Print Pretty With the Free Joliprint Plugin For WordPress

Awhile back we gave you a guide to making your WordPress posts and pages print friendly, highlighting the importance of having a “Print Page” button available to your users. Now there’s another option to add to your list when implementing an attractive print solution.

The Joliprint button plugin allows your readers to print your posts in a nice and formated layout. The final output is an attractive and highly readable PDF, as you can see in the example screenshot.

Within the WordPress dashboard you will have access to the following options:

  • Ability to choose the button and its location
  • Customize the PDF Header
  • PDF layout options
  • PDF cache will automatically update when you will update your blog posts
  • Includes settings for a Google Analytics campaign to track clicks inside the PDF
  • Template tag for custom theme modification

You can actually test the output of your blog pages by entering the URL into the Joliprint test engine at: If you like how it looks, then install the plugin and your printed pages will be beautifully formatted. Choose your print button from among the Joliprint options, text link, or use your own text or graphic. Banish your ugly printed pages forever with this easy and pretty solution.