Announcing Pro Sites 3.5 – Build Your Own or Squarespace in a Few Clicks

Today we’re excited to release a shiny new, feature-packed version of our popular Pro Sites plugin.

Since Pro Sites was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out Pro Sites

Version 3.5 brings you new payment options, a flash new admin interface, a new super smooth front-end checkout experience and the ability to checkout on sign up.

Pro Sites gives you the power to create a profitable network of sites and offer access to premium features like themes, plugins, extra storage, and custom domains, just like

Pro Sites for pro Multisite users.
Pro Sites for pro Multisite users.

It can power millions of sites – and does. We originally developed Pro Sites to manage, one of the largest and most profitable networks in the world.

It makes light work of site management and provides access to detailed network statistics, secure payment and checkout options, free trials and coupons.

If you already use Pro Sites, let’s get down to business. Version 3.5 includes these new features:

  • NEW Accept payments manually and with Stripe
  • NEW Auto-generate pricing and features tables using a new features grid, complete with ticks and crosses
  • NEW Drag and drop re-ordering of Pro Sites levels (previously you had to delete and recreate a level to re-order it)
  • NEW Enable multiple payment gateways
  • NEW Intuitive new admin user interface
  • NEW Front-end checkout experience
  • NEW Checkout on sign up
  • NEW Charge a one-time fee each time a user registers or wants to upgrade

Offer Premium Upgrades and Sell Package Deals

Charge users for access to your premium services. For example, you could ask users with a basic account to upgrade for ad-free blogging and offer VIP support to only your top tier members.

Pro Sites makes it a snap to add a features table to your site.
Pro Sites makes it a snap to add a features table to your site.

Create tiered membership levels with products and services that cater to a variety of users. Add as many levels as you like and bundle your network’s best services.

You can even auto-generate pricing and features tables and quickly layout and highlight everything your site has to offer so customers know exactly what they are buying.

Pro Sites includes all the “extras” you need to create a feature rich hosting service. Charge users for:

  • Better themes – just turn on the “premium themes” add-on
  • Better plugins – you can turn on the “premium plugins” add-on for this one
  • Expert support – if users want 24/7 support, it makes sense to ask them to pay for it
  • Ad-free Blogging – Display ads on free sites and encourage users to upgrade for an ad-free experience
  • Unlimited Publishing – Limit access to the number of posts users can publish until they upgrade
  • Custom Domains – Integrate Pro Sites with our Domain Mapping plugin and offer unique domain names
  • Increased Storage – Encourage users to upgrade for access to more space
  • BuddyPress features – Make things like group creation and messaging an upgrade

Four Easy Payment Options

Our awesome new checkout process guides customers through their purchase so you don’t have to worry about last minute cart abandonment.

We’ve ditched the old multi-step checkout and have created a brand new payment experience. Now you can sign up on checkout and even reserve a site name and domain for 48 hours.

Choose from four payment options in 24 currencies and get paid with PayPal Express, PayPal Pro, or Stripe as well as manual payments.


If you sell to European customers, you can also set up integration with to handle your EU VAT requirements.

Rich Statistics

Track new users and their sites and monitor all upgrades, transactions and cancellations on your network with detailed graphical statistics. View weekly and monthly reports. With our beautiful charts, the only problem you’ll have is trying to steal yourself away from constantly hitting the refresh button!

Pro Sites makes setting up advanced eCommerce analytics super easy. If you already use Google Analytics, simply turn on integration in Pro Sites’ settings so you can start monitoring eCommerce on your site right away.

Create unlimited coupons, set a limit on how many are used, and track their usage.
Create unlimited coupons, set a limit on how many are used, and track their usage.

Free Trials and Coupons

Giveaway free trials and coupons and entice customers to try out premium features before they upgrade.

With our simple coupons manager, it’s easy to set up new offers to drive customer loyalty.

Enable the premium themes module in Pro Sites and charge users for access to a greater range of themes.
Enable the premium themes module in Pro Sites and charge users for access to a greater range of themes.

Integration With WPMU DEV Plugins

Make full use of your WPMU DEV membership and integrate Pro Sites with any of our 140+ collection of plugins.

Pro Sites includes special integration with Domain Mapping, Pretty Plugins, and Multisite Theme Manager.

The Plugin Announcements Don’t Stop There!

Pro Sites is one of our most popular plugins for a reason – it’s the only plugin of its kind that can take any Multisite network to the next level. You know, make it pro.

We’re excited to release version 3.5 into the wild and can’t wait to hear from members what you think about the updates.

Stay tuned for more announcements soon!

Let us know in the comments below what you have built with Pro Sites.