Protect Your WordPress Multisite Network From Shutdown With Anti-Splog and Post Monitoring

Protect Your WordPress Multisite Network From Shutdown With Anti-Splog and Post Monitoring

Did you know that your Multisite network can get shut down because of the content your bloggers are posting? Last week a WordPress Multisite blog hosting 70,000 blogs was shut down suddenly by a law enforcement agency due to hosting inappropriate content. Yes, it’s true; splogs and their content can get your multisite network shut down. Want to make sure your site is protected? You need Anti-Splog. It operates on our professionally-supported Anti-Splog API service created to keep splogs out and programmed to learn from every action you take, which causes the API service to be more effective for everyone using it.

If you’re new to WordPress Multisite, you may be surprised by the relentless barrage of splogs and spammers that you’re receiving. There are a few free plugins out there that attempt to combat this problem but none of them approach the caliber of Anti-Splog. Managing a network that is suddenly overrun by splogs without any defense can be one of the most frustrating problems for a Multisite owner. You want to be focusing on growing your network of sites and improving your features, instead of wasting hours deleting splogs.

Anti-Splog is the most iron-clad solution to the onslaught of splogs you’re receiving.
Signup prevention includes:

  • Limiting the number of signups per IP per 24 hours
  • Changing the signup page location every 24 hours
  • Human tests

If any splogs do happen to get through, you have a dead simple interface that lets you block and eliminate all of them in one fell swoop. One of the most amazing features of Anti-Splog is post monitoring. If a splog has gotten through and tries to post content, the API service analyzes it, identifies the splog and shuts it down instantly.

If you’re not effectively eliminating splogs, then you’re not able to accurately monitor your site’s growth and potential. Your site can quickly get out of control with inflated blog numbers, representing splogs with access for generating questionable or illegal content. Can you sustain this kind of risk, knowing how quickly you can get shut down and have all of your data confiscated by authorities?

Are you operating an active Multisite network? Anti-Splog is currently your best form of protection from the possibility of your site getting shut down by sploggers. Every WordPress Multisite network needs to have an anti-splog strategy in place. An effective method of splog elimination is one of the most vital aspects of multisite network health and maintenance, and it’s one thing that you cannot compromise. Take a hint from recent news before the damage is already done and put Anti-Splog to work for you.