Protect Your WordPress Site From Spam and Splogs With a Cute Animal CAPTCHA

Protect Your WordPress Site From Spam and Splogs With a Cute Animal CAPTCHA

Most of the time a CAPTCHA is a boring and ugly skewed letter and number combination, sticking out at the bottom of your forms like a sore thumb. Why not have a little fun with your CAPTCHA and use animal pictures instead? That’s right, I said Animal Captcha!

This is a plugin that you may have missed in the repository since its description and instructions are in Spanish. Don’t let that hold you back – the plugin recognizes both Spanish and English when entering the animal names.

How does the Animal CAPTCHA work?

The Animal CAPTCHA plugin displays a couple of basic level animals side by side and requires the user to type both animal names in the box before submitting the form. It has an example pre-filled so that the user knows how to format his answer.

Check out a live example.

After you install and activate the plugin, it will automatically display the animal CAPTCHAs on both your registration and comment forms, as you can see in the screenshots included in this post.

Why you might consider adding a CAPTCHA:

WordPress sites have long been a favorite target of comment and registration spam. If you’re not already experiencing an onslaught from the bots, you probably will soon. New WordPress users should be aware that the spam will simply never stop unless you provide a preventative measure. This is probably one of the easiest to add, since it requires no configuration whatsoever. Simply install and activate and you’ll instantly be protecting your site from spam.

Don’t let an ugly CAPTCHA ruin your WordPress design. The Animal Captcha plugin gives your site a much less annoying and totally unique spam and splog protection method. Your users will have a difficult time resenting this fun and engaging CAPTCHA with its colorful animals!