Create and Publish Apps to the Android Market with WordPress – No Coding Required!

Create and Publish Apps to the Android Market with WordPress – No Coding Required!

Do you want to create your own Android App but feel intimidated by the process? A new plugin called WP Android gives you the ability to create your own fully-functional apps directly through the WordPress dashboard.

Build an App in 5 Minutes…for Free!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced app developer, WP Android can do the heavy lifting for you. It uses simple text editors and standard web technologies to automatically handle the advanced, complicated “engine” which works behind the scenes. Simply input your content in the four editors (each app has 4 pages) or you can add your own source code. You can easily include images, Flash, tables, divs, background colors, and much more through the robust editing panel.

There’s nothing to compile – simply edit your app, download the .apk file to your computer, and publish it to the Android Market.

When you click on “Publish” the plugin will inform you of the process for registering as an Android developer:

To publish apps on the Android Market you must have an Android Developer License; which is provided by Google. It costs $25, and gives you ability to publish an unlimited number of apps. There is no approval process to publish your apps! Simply login to your Android Developers account, upload your .apk file, upload images, enter a description and title, and publish.

WPAndroid was created by Yehuda Yefet, head developer/programmer. He selected the Android platform for a few simple reasons:

  • There is no approval process for publishing apps to market
  • There are 300 thousand new Android Devices being activated on a daily basis.
  • Developer had a ton of experience creating Android Apps making it easier to implement.

If you’re new to building Android apps, then this may be one of the best ways to ease into it. The project has its own support forum if you’re looking for some help. Grab a copy of WP Android and start experimenting with the app creation process. Who knows – maybe yours will be the next app to generate a million dollars in the Android Market.