Publish Photos from Your iPhone Directly to WordPress with Camera+ App

According to a recent announcement from WordPress, Apple iPhone users with the Camera+ 3.0 photo app can now publish photos directly to their blogs.

You will also need to be running the WordPress app for iOS 2.9.5 or higher.

The goal is ease of use, and it seems it couldn’t get much easier. These are the instructions for posting a photo:

Tap “Add Photo from Camera+,” and your phone switches to the Camera+ app – select a photo to load it into the WordPress app. Add a Title and a Description (both optional), and boom! You’re done.”

According to WordPress, there are more improvements on the way, including Camera+ options on the post editor and possibly later down the road, selecting multiple images at once and then turning them into a gallery. (This second possibility isn’t in the immediate plans, but if it’s something you’d like to see, you might let them know so that it becomes more of a priority.)

Photo: Apple iPhone with Social Media from BigStock