Quickly Organize Sticky Posts in the WordPress Dashboard

Quickly Organize Sticky Posts in the WordPress Dashboard

Sticky Posts are a handy feature introduced in WordPress 2.7. When a post is marked as sticky in the editor screen, it will be shown at the top of the front page of posts.

Quick Sticky is a new plugin that makes it easy to assign and organize your sticky posts. It adds a new column for marking sticky posts when browsing the posts listing screen. This is much more convenient than having to go into each post and to mark them individually.

New sticky posts column in the posts management screen

This is a really useful addition to the dashboard, even if you aren’t making use of it on the frontend. Even if your theme doesn’t use a loop that displays sticky posts or “feature posts, you can use them in the dashboard as a way of organizing selected posts. For example, if you have posts that you want to remember to return to at a later date to update, you can use WordPress’ sticky feature to make it easy to navigate to them later.

The plugin also has a built-in filter you can add to your functions.php file in order to enforce the use of only one sticky post at a time:

{code type=php}add_filter(‘qs_one_post_only’, ‘__return_true’);

If you’re in the habit of using WordPress stickies, this plugin can save you a lot of time. Download Quick Sticky for free from the WordPress plugin repository.