Random themes and new meta widget

Random themes and new meta widget

We’re not just all about the big, huge, stonking releases at WPMU DEV… we’re also keen on providing you with useful, functional and member requested functionality.

And these two come straight out of that camp – both requested by WPMU DEV members, both happily provided by us!

Random theme on signup

This plugin does exactly what you think it does.

Once installed each new blogger that signs up at your site will receive a random theme from the ones you have made available.

Kinda cute huh.

Download the Random Theme on Signup Plugin here.

Re-branded meta widget

Not too keen on having WordPress.com advertised within the default meta widget on your site?

Check it out… sneaky huh ;)

Not to worry, we’ve fixed it up for you – just install this plugin and you will have an unbranded meta widget, hurrah!

Download the Rebranded Meta Widget Plugin here.