Rant: UK Austerity Measures Mean Government Can’t Afford to Upgrade WordPress

Woo! My first rant! Here we go :)

Yesterday an independent review called the Browne Report came out in the UK suggesting that University tuition fees be increased by up to £12,000 per year (around $19,000 for you guys in the US). Understandably there has been major anger across the country. There was lots of other stuff in the report but hey, this is a WordPress blog, not a UK education blog.

I read the report and did some grumbling and noticed that someone I follow on Twitter had rather astutely noticed that the website is using a pretty old version of WordPress.

Screenshot of twitter

So I took a look at the code and yes, there it is, a UK Government site is using WordPress 2.8.4. Ouch!

screenshot of source code for the browne report

Surely a government website should be upgrading to the latest version of WordPress to ensure that they’re covered for any security issues. But I guess if things are tight, things are tight. I mean, who can really afford to upgrade their Open Source software in a recession?