Recent global posts and comments – by user from across your site

Recent global posts and comments – by user from across your site

We’ve just released a couple of cracking little plugins we’re hoping you guys will find useful.

Specifically, if you have users who are posting to (and commenting on) multiple different blogs on your WordPress MU install.

And you want a way to be able to catch all posts (or comments) – just by that user – in one feed… regardless of what blog they are posted on.

The following two plugins, do that all for you, no worries!

Recent Global Author Posts Feed & Recent Global Author Comments Feed

With them in pace you get a feed just for a selected author that amalgamates all their posts into one big RSS feed.

It’s really straightforward too – with no pesky options to worry about – once it’s installed just modify the feed URL with the users ID like so:


So, if your user ID is #3 then the feed url for that user will be:


Pretty neat huh – here’s hoping it solves a few issues / opens up some possibilities for site owners.