Resource Guide to a Smooth WordPress 3.0 Upgrade: Tips and Troubleshooting Tricks to Save Your Site

Resource Guide to a Smooth WordPress 3.0 Upgrade: Tips and Troubleshooting Tricks to Save Your Site

Upgrading WordPress can be an exhilarating process if everything goes smoothly. However, getting stuck in the middle without a clue of what to do can be extremely frustrating, to say the least. We’ve been monitoring WordPress user’s experiences and have prepared a compilation of resources that will save you a few headaches.

If you have a small blog with plugins that will do fine with a 3.0 upgrade, then give it a try! If you’ve got a massive blog or network of blogs, then it would be best to wait a bit until some of the bigger bugs and known issues have been worked out. Also, you’ll want to wait until your most critical plugins have been updated to work smoothly with WordPress 3.0.

Resources to Get You Started

Upgrading really isn’t that difficult, but you’ll want to know a few things before you start. You’ll also want to follow the steps in the right order to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases. Below are some of the best resources for taking your site through the upgrade process smoothly:

How to Backup Your WordPress Site

You absolutely must backup your site before starting this process. If you have a very large site, check out our guide for how to backup a very large MySQL database. Or better yet, set up automated backups. You’ll thank yourself later.

Important Things You Should Know Before Upgrading to WordPress 3.0

This guide will acquaint you with the new terminology in the WordPress 3.0 dashboard and offers important tips for WPMU and BuddyPress site owners.

How to Upgrade WPMU 2.9.2 to WordPress 3.0 in 5 Easy Steps

This is our simple guide for upgrading to WordPress 3.0 if you’ve been using WPMU. You’ll find that the process is not as scary as you’ve been imagining.

How to Upgrade from WordPress 2.9.x to WP 3.0 (Both Manual and Automatic Instructions)

The WordPress codex provides a fairly thorough guide of how to upgrade WordPress single user to the latest version. Make sure to check out the extended upgrade instructions, especially if upgrading from a much older version of WordPress to the latest.

How to Enable the Multi-Site Features With WordPress 3.0

If you’re starting with a fresh WordPress 3.0 installation and want to know how to enable the Multi-Site Network settings, we’ve outlined the steps in this tutorial.

Common Problems Experienced During Upgrade:

Here are the fixes for some of the most common issues users are having:

Fatal Error Exhausted Memory Size When Upgrading to WordPress 3.0

You’ll need to increase your memory limit, because we’re dealing with a package size bigger than previous versions. Follow these instructions to get it fixed in a minute.

Maintenance Mode Issues

In the processing of upgrading, you may get this notice: “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” WordPress 3.0 has an automatic maintenance mode that it uses while your site is upgrading. The solution for this one is simple: Delete the file called “.maintenance” in the root directory of your site.

500 Error on /wp-admin after 3.0 Upgrade

This is a common problem with those who are hosting with 1&1. Try adding this to the top of your .htaccess file and try again:
{code type=html}
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

If you have any more helpful solutions not listed here, please feel free to leave them in the comments.