Running SQL code on your WPMU database

Running SQL code on your WPMU database

Taken from: The WordPress MU Manual

Occasionally you will install a mu-plugin where the auto-install fails to add the db table(s) for you.

This means you will need to run the SQL code in the “sql.txt” on your WPMU database. Plugins that may require you to complete this step include this instruction in their install file. You use the “sqp.txt” file contained in the zip file you downloaded.

Image of a SQL text file in the zip file

Run the SQL code in “sql.txt” on your WPMU database as follows:

1. Log into your cPanel
2. Scroll down to the database section and click on phpMyAdmin

Image of MyPHPadmin in cPanel

3. Click on the name on of the database you want to run the sql code on

Image of opening up MySQL database

4. Click on the ‘SQL’ tab

Image of clicking on SQL tab

5. Copy/paste the entire contents of the sql.txl into the Run SQL queries on database and then click Go.

Image of running a SQL code on your database

6. If successful you should see a message saying it has been executed successfully.

Image of successful SQL query

Next up this week we’ll be looking at setting up a support email in cPanel.