Send HTML Emails with WordPress and the e-Newsletter Plugin

Send HTML Emails with WordPress and the e-Newsletter Plugin

We’re very excited to introduce our brand new e-Newsletter plugin today. If you’ve been searching for the ultimate HTML Email plugin for WordPress, you’ve finally arrived at the right place. E-newsletter has it all.

Create powerful, targeted email campaigns directly within the WordPress dashboard

e-Newsletter allows you to create successful email campaigns, offer a signup on your website, manage your subscribers and track results for campaigns all from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Create and edit advanced e-newsletters with professionally-designed templates
  • Quickly setup unlimited numbers of groups and subscribers to effectively target your campaigns
  • Track each newsletter’s results with all the statistics you’d expect from a professional e-newsletter provider.
  • Display a widget on your site for easy sign ups and subscription management
  • Provide a subscriptions panel within WordPress where subscribers can easily sign up or modify their subscription information

Beautiful, professionally-designed templates

Every communication that comes out of your website needs to be branded to impress your readers. This may be the only chance you have to capture their attention. Do not let it be an ugly email. Check out our ready-made template designs:

Select a template or design your own. When you create your campaign, you’ll be working with the already-familiar WordPress editor. No need to waste time trying to learn a new interface with a completely unfamiliar set of tools. You’ll be able to create email campaigns quickly and easily and send as many as you want to an unlimited number of subscribers.

Check out how easy it is to create a campaign with the step-by-step email wizard:

You can even create groups to specifically target your campaigns to those who have signed up to get your updates.

The plugin also has built-in support for managing emails that have bounced back, as well as unsubscribe information.

e-Newsletter essentially gives you the ability to host your own email service. You have the power to design your own template, manage unlimited subscribers and send campaigns with your own branding. Why pay service fees to email marketing companies when you can create your own campaigns using WordPress?