Set the Default Admin Color for Users in WordPress Multisite

Set the Default Admin Color for Users in WordPress Multisite

When version 3.8 of WordPress came out, it changed a number of things in the admin area. One of those things was the default color scheme.

It used to be that the default color scheme was lighter in color.

Now it’s much darker and looks like this:


Changing the Color for Multisite Users

While it’s easy to go to your profile and change that if you don’t like it, if you run a Multisite Network, then you have all your users to deal with as well.

Some Network Admins might not want the new dark default color. If that’s your case, then you can change that and force a different admin color for all the users in your network by following these 3 steps.

Code for New Admin Color in 3 Steps

  1. Access your site’s server and see if there is a folder inside of the wp-content folder titled mu-plugins. If there isn’t, create one.
  2. Create a new php file for you code in your mu-plugins file. You can name it anything you like. Something like admin-color.php would make sense, of course.
  3. Place the following code into your newly created file and save it.

{code type=php}<?php
Plugin Name: Admin-Color

add_filter(‘get_user_option_admin_color’, ‘change_admin_color’);
function change_admin_color($result) {
return ‘ectoplasm’;

In this sample code, the default style will now be the ectoplasm color scheme.

You can change that to any of the color schemes you like (e.g. sunrise, coffee, light, ect.). See your profile page for the name of the color schemes.


With the ectoplasm scheme in my saved code, now all users will see the following color scheme in their admin area.


Thanks to Patrick Nommensen in the forums for this solution.

photo credit: rangoli colours

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